Don't want to say goodbye - Virginie Marine
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"Run To You" Live

Virginie wins a singing contest by delivering a stunning live  performance of a song from one of her favorite artist.
More than 20,000 people got to witness that amazing moment.


Performer with a Powerful Voice managed with Emotions

Through her career, Virginie has performed for audiences of 10’s of thousands of people live, and 100’s of thousands if we include her TV appearances and her YouTube channel. She also recorded 2 albums and is currently working on her 3rd one.


Virginie Marine is a vocal pop singer songwriter that has toured the world performing with passion and emotion.

She has been praised by the industry as one of the most exceptional voices of her time.


During the pandemic, Virginie moved to New York, and started new collaborations, including a new producer, a new band. As soon as Broadway and the music scene reopened, Virginie started performing in multiple Cabarets and jazz Clubs : “53 above Broadway”, “Don’t tell Mama” and Birdland. She is actively auditioning for additional Broadway opportunities while continuing to write songs for a potential 3rd album.


Released in November 2019, the EP Album “My One” was the opportunity for Virginie's International fan base to discover 5 new songs, all of them written with love and passion: My One, Something I believe In, We are all the same, Stronger than ever and Don't want to say goodbye, that last one as a single already awarded by west coast songwriter, and cherished on YouTube with 10's of thousands of views.


In 2014, she released her first solo album - "Sur la pointe des coeurs" ("on the fingertips of your hearts") - on which she has collaborated with the most respected French speaking artists among which are Richard Sanderson, Thierry Sforza, Rick Allison. Shortly after the release, Virginie moved with her husband to California, to promote her music to a larger audience.


Her inspirations are Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey.